Our team has worked with vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, functional ingredients, nutraceuticals, botanicals and more. We source highest quality ingredients from our global network of tightly screened suppliers.  Our product development team is here to formulate and supply the best blend to meet your needs. Flavoring, flavor masking, process control and process aids are all part of our offerings.  Bring us your product goal and we will deliver the precise blend to deliver safe and effective premix that is consistent batch after batch.

Primaria Nutrition offers complete supplement pre-mixes

Effervescent Tablets
DC Tablets
Soft Gels
Liquid Shots

Advantages of
Primaria Nutrition

100+ years of combined experience designing formulations

Offer total solutions comprised of nutrients, flavors, sweeteners, colors, excipients

Extensive portfolio of straight, triturations, DC grade and encapsulated forms of vitamins and minerals and other functional ingredients

Robust global supply chain