Our custom blends are high performing and of superior quality. We offer both liquid and dry blending. We can develop a blend for your specific needs, or you can choose one of the following blends for your formulation. To discuss your specific need, please reach out to us.

Our Offerings for Custom Food Blends

Anti-Microbial Blends for Corn Based Tortillas

GC Concentrate

GC Max

GC Protect

GC Strong

Baking Powder

Single Acting Baking Powder

Double Acting Baking Powder

Double Acting Baking Powder
(Aluminum Free)

Tortilla Batch Packs

Burrito/Food Service/California Style
(thin, translucent tortillas)

(thick, fluffy tortilla)

Keto Friendly/Low Carb Tortilla
(net carbs of less than 5 gram)

Clean Label Tortilla Batch Packs

Flavored Tortillas

Cake Blends

GCI Kake

GCI Glaze

Meat & Poultry Blends

Ellogum 2000

Ellobind 5000

Bakery Gum Blends and Dough Conditioners

Ellogum 1000

Ellobind 4000

Ellobind 6000

Ellobind 7000

Flavor Masking Agents

Preservative Flavor Masking Agent

Bitter Masking Agent

Benefits of using GC Ingredients:

Manufacturing Process

Custom developed dough conditioners to meet your specific manufacturing process

Ingredients that Deliver

Ingredients that deliver shelf stable, frozen, or refridgerated fresh pita bread

Custom Developed Formulas

Custom developed formulas — low carb, low fat, multi-grain, gluten free formulas